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How to Add a New Problem – Step 1


Select or click on the Application where you want to add a new problem.


(a) You can select an existing applicationfrom the drop-down on the Fishbone page, as shown below with purple arrow. You can also click on the smartQED logo to see all your Applications and select or create one.



(b) Applications page shows all your applications, and you can click on a tile or link, or even create your own application:


How to Add a New Problem – Step 2


Enter problem details.


(a)    Click on the + sign next to the problem number box.




(b)   You will see the following form to enter problem details.  After entering click Save.



How to Add a New Problem – Step 3


Now you can go to the fishbone or the symptoms page.


(a)    Click on the QED Symptoms or QED Fishbone:



(b)   Below is what you will see on the Fishbone page.  You can add new causes by right-clicking on any cause, and add new clues using the + button on the QED clues panel:


(c)  Below is the Symptoms page, and you can enter your problem symptoms by clicking on the + sign next to Symptoms:


See the steps to add a new problem